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So You are Going to Oxford!

summer 2013

If You Have Received An Email Confirming That You Are Accepted Into The Summer At Oxford Program, Congratulations!

  If you have decided not to
participate in our program, please let us know
ASAP by emailing Dr. Steven Beebe at immediately. There are
many other students who are seeking
entrance into this program and enrollment is
quite limited.

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    1. Email me now at to say that you do intend to participate in the Study Abroad Program.
    2.  Please use this link to select the forms you need to officially apply to the program Follow the directions to complete the forms and then obtain the necessary signatures/approvals.
    3. Once you have completed the form, the last signature you need is Dr. Steven Beebe. Drop off the completed forms at the COMM Studies office at Cent. 205. With Dr. Beebe's signature/approval and your $200 deposit then you are officially in the program.


Later in the semester you will be contacted with a link to information and a schedule of a few meetings during the Spring semester in preparation for the trip. If you have any further questions, please see contact information for Dr. Beebe below.
Thanks for your interest in
The Summer at Oxford Program!
Dr. Steven A. Beebe
Office phone: 512-245-2165 
Office fax: 512-245-3138


2013 Trip Photo
2013 class trip–In front of C.S. Lewis's Oxford Home