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Program Cost

Dr. Steven A. Beebe
Dr. Steven A. Beebe, Regent's and University Distinguished Professor Dept. of Communication Studies, Texas State University

Scholarships up to $3,500 are
available to qualified students!
Apply Oct 11 - Nov. 31, 2014
Cost Includes:
•    Tuition and fees for six hours of university credit
•    Room and weekday breakfasts at St. Hilda’s College, Oxford University
•    Distinguished guest speakers
•    Tour of Lewis’s Home “The Kilns” in Oxford
•    Tour of Freud’s home in London
•    Walking tours of Oxford including Lewis’s College, Magdalene College
•    Weekend lodging on the Isle of Wight
•    Weekend lodging in a London Hotel
•    Tour of Stonehenge


Program Dates

  • Departure from the US: July 3rd 2015
  • Departure from Oxford: July 26th 2015

Cost Details: $5,400
Cost includes:
Tuition and fees for six hours of university credit

  • $200 non-refundable application fee
  • Lodging
  • Required visits and excursions
  • International health insurance

Payment Schedule

  • First payment: $200 with application
  • Second payment: $1,833 due Feb. 5, 2015
  • Third payment: $1,833 due March 25, 2015
  • Final payment (tuition): $1,734 TBA

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    1. Email me now at to say that you do intend to participate in the Study Abroad Program.
    2.  Please use this link to select the forms you need to officially apply to the program Follow the directions to complete the forms and then obtain the necessary signatures/approvals.
    3. Once you have completed the form, the last signature you need is Dr. Steven Beebe. Drop off the completed forms at the COMM Studies office at Cent. 205. With Dr. Beebe's signature/approval and your $200 deposit then you are officially in the program.