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The COMM Studies Vision

We are glad you are interested in the Communication Studies Summer at Oxford Program.
Here is the recent highlights and events.

We’re 101!  The Department of “Reading and Public Speaking” was established at Southwest Texas State Normal School in 1912. For a century, the principles and practices of communication have been studied in San Marcos. In those 100 years we’ve been linked with the academic study of elocution, oral interpretation, reading, English, and theatre.
    Texas State's history mirrors the history of communication study at a national level. In 1910 the Eastern Public Speaking Conference was the first organized effort to establish a network of public speaking and elocution teachers in the United States. On November 28, 1914, at the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) conference, a group of 17 public speaking teachers met to organize a national professional association. The 1914 meeting, and the subsequent organization that was established, grew and evolved into what is today the National Communication Association (NCA), the oldest and largest national communication association in the world. Dr. Steven Beebe, Chair, will serve as president of NCA next year.
    Our Department of Communication Studies was among the earliest established departments of “pubic speaking” in the nation. During the upcoming academic year, we have several milestones to celebrate: 100 years as a department, 25 years as a distinct discipline on campus, and 10 years as the Department of Communication Studies.”
    We’ve been pioneers in the study of communication, and we continue to be national leaders. Today we are a vibrant, award-winning department, nationally and internationally acknowledged for enhancing communication skills anchored in communication theory and research. Our M.A. program has been recognized as one of the top communication master’s programs in the nation. Our faculty are widely known for their research. Our comm studies alums are finding top positions applying their communication skills and knowledge in a variety of professional contexts. Inspired and well prepared by their experience here, many of our M.A. graduates have gone on to receive their doctorates and are now award-winning faculty members in prestigious institutions throughout the U.S.
   Our new interdisciplinary minor in health communication, and contemporary courses in environmental communication, organizational rhetoric, communication and technology, and relational communication are but a few of the newer courses we offer. Yes, we still teach public speaking, but our name “Communication Studies” reflects the broader application of communication that we make to a variety of contexts.